About Us

Ateetee Travel and Tour is a tourists’ service provider company established in 2010, registered with the Investment Agency of Ethiopia and Ministry of trade and Industry and is engaged in provision of services for international and domestic tourists combined with eco-tourism development. It provides tour, travel, lodging, and vehicle services to ensure the interests of its customers to the best of its’ ability. The company’s guides are multilingual, well trained in the tourism sector and highly experienced. The fleet of cars used are 4x4s and minibuses adapted to the Ethiopian terrain. Our camping equipments are state of the art, suitable for cold or hot climates.
In addition, the company is active in improving tourist facilities around tourist destinations so as to...
provide various tourist activities with social responsibilities through gradual expansion of its services.
In line with the above objectives, Ateetee has four major activities linked to these basic principles: i.e. to provide reliable and safe tour services aimed at satisfying the interests of its customers by availing travel facilities like air tickets, hotel reservations, provision of vehicles , etc... to tourists and travelers alike; improve tourist facilities around tourist destinations; promote eco-tourism and promotion of tourism development. It also champions sustainable environmentally friendly tourism services compatible with local environment and culture considering social responsibilities. In order to provide these services, Ateetee is equipped with adequate and professional manpower and necessary logistics.
Ateetee’s mission is to ensure pleasure of its customers (both international and domestic tourists) through availing reliable, quality, affordable and safe services by being a true guardian of its guests with social responsibilities.
° Committed to serve best interest of its customers
° Ensure accountability to our customers and stakeholders
in observance to the legal, ethical and social commitments
° Concern for added value of customer's money.
° Observe laws of the country
° Respect the values, religious and various attitudes of
its customers
° Strives for excellence,service quality,customers'
satisfaction and continuous improvement of its services based on the demands of its customers.
° Committed for social responsibility.
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