Travel tip and Fact's about Ethiopia

Location: Ethiopia is located in North-Eastern Africa, between latitudes 4 and 18 north. It covers 1,251,282KM land surrounded by neighboring countries such as Kenya, Eriteria, Somalia, Sudan and Djbouti.
People: Ethiopia’s population is estimated around 73.9 million. More than 80 ethnic groups exist in Ethiopia.
Capital Town: The capital city is Addis Ababa, and Ethiopia is made up of 9 federal regions.
Safety: Ethiopia is one of the most safe destination countries with no fear of any risk. However, Ateetee Travel and Tour considers safety as one of its major tasks and makes necessary precautions for its guests.
Most Popular Sites: Ethiopia offers several untouched historical and natural sites.
Every site has got its uniqueness depending upon the interest of a visitor. However, the most famous sight is perhaps Lalibela, an ancient rock-hewn church and Axum steles, Najashi Mosque in ---. Lake Tana in Bahr Dar, the ancient cities of Gondar and Axum, the famous Harar wall, the Bale mountains with many wild lives and indigenous trees, the rift-valley lakes and birds, the SOF-OMER cave as well as the southeastern area of the peoples of the Omo valley, the Jimma area where coffee was originated are among others.
Visas: Foreign visitors must have entry visas. Entry visas can be issued from Ethiopian Diplomatic and consular missions based at the visitors; countries. Arrangements can be made in advance for a visa to be available at the airport. There is no bureaucracy in issuance of visas for the visitors.
Health Requirement: For some areas visitors may need to have vaccination certificates against Yellow Fever.
Calendar and Time: Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar. This calendar has 12 months of 30 days, and a 13th month of five or six days. New Year starts on September 11. The Ethiopian calendar is behind the Gregorian calendar by 7 years and 8 months. Ethiopia is in the GMT+3 time zone. Days begin at sunrise. 12am = dawn, 6pm = noon, 12pm = dusk, (in Ethiopian time).
Currency: The local currency of Ethiopia is Birr, and 1 USD is approximately equivalent to 16.59 birr on January 29, 2011, but variations on daily exchange rate can happen. The amount of foreign currency; a visitor can bring into the country is unlimited. Nevertheless, the amount should be declared. Exchanges may be done at authorized banks and hotels. The currency declaration form will be required on departure or destination.
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